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Friday, January 25, 2013

A new litter in kennel Polarfact

Pleasure to announce that on 15 January Polarfact new litter was born in kennel Hovawart - 10 puppies, 6 females and 4 males, all have black & tan.
Visit their website for more details here

Congratulations to Liina and new puppy owners!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meeting of Estonian hovawarts in Tallinn

Estonian hovawarts met in Tallinn at 1st December. There were 14 hovawarts again and the youngest participant was three months old black puppy Berenike. She is the first black hovawart in Estonia. 
From our litter there were Dagger, Dagobert/Maru, Dagden and Desiree/Dess.

On the picture  is Dagden with his owner and belowe is Dess,
photo Meelis Kalev

See other pictures  by Meelis Kalev  here 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

14 Estonian hovawarts met in Tallinn

14 Estonian hovawarts met in Tallinn last saturday.
Weather was nice and we had a good opportunity to spend a pleasant time together. The youngest participant was
three mounts old Polish-born female puppy from Narva. From our litter there were Dagger, Dagobert/Maru and Desiree/Dess. They are one year old now!

On the picture  Maru, Dess, Dami and Dagger with their owners

See other pictures here and Merle Martin has sent her pictures, look at them here

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Estonian hovawarts met in Tallinn

Estonian hovawarts met in Tallinn last sunday. Hovawarts are not very well known in Estonia and this meeting wasan unprecedented - 10 hovawarts on the same square in the same time!
I was especially glad to meet our 7 mounths old puppies - Dagon, Dagger and Maru (Dagobert). They  were all with strong build and nice curly fur.
Weather wasn´t so nice on sunday - it was rainy day and so some pictures are not very good.... but pictures made by Meelis Kalev are fantastic. You can look at the pictures here. 

On this picture our Dami welcomes her sister Olli and Olli´s daughter Cara

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Puppies have their own gallery now

Puppies have their own gallery now, so it´s easy to follow their growing up. Dami is almost free of duties and we went for a walk by the sea :)
And we`ll continue the addition of pictures to the galeries - if the new owners sending them to us ...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy weekend

The last weekend was quite busy for puppies. Satturday the last tree puppies  met their father :) Puppies were little bit scared at first but they became familiar quickly.

At Sunday two of puppies - Dagon and Destiny left at home. Before we were dinking a little coffee :)

Now it seems so quiet and peaceful at home, only two pairs of eyes are behind the window - Desiree and Dami.
See more pictures at Dami`s gallery

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The first puppies have left

The first two puppies - Dagobert and Dagger - are living in their new homes now.

Other puppies  will continue with their daily doings with their mom. It's amazing how consistently Dami  grows her puppies. See the gallery for more pictures.

Dark, Dagon and Desiree are booked. But Dagden and Destiny still waiting for their new homes. Look at their pictures in the gallery.